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Wearing a fanny pack can be very cool and elegant if you know how to wear it

The fanny pack has gone from being a simple accessory that was practically only worn by men, with tracksuits or with clothes sport to go on vacation and carry the most necessary things comfortably, to become the most cool for fashion lovers. Of course, to wear the fanny pack with a lot of style you have to know how to place it and what clothes to combine it with.

Want carry the fanny pack like nobody? We give you the keys.

How to wear the fanny pack with a lot of style

The fanny pack is one of the trend accessories this season; A must for those who are fascinated by fashion. For this reason, if you consider yourself one of them, you cannot stop having at least a couple of them in your closet.

And now the basic question is: How to wear the fanny pack ? to be a real streetstyle? Take note of these 5 basic ideas.

1. Cross over the shoulder

a way to carry it super modern, comfortable and burglar-proof . Ideal if you want to go on a trip without losing your most fashionista style, but with your belongings safe. It is also perfect if you are one of those who are always running from one place to another and you want to always have your bag in sight and with a lot of glamour.

The Helena de Núnoo bag can serve as a fanny pack if you wear any of the two straps across your body.

2. Above the waist and over a jacket

do you love blazers and you have a small waist? Nothing like complementing them with a black fanny pack on the waist. You can attach the fanny pack to a side or center Of the waist. The best thing is that you try several positions to see which one stylizes you the most.

The Osoi brand fanny pack style bag is a very good option.

3. As a bag

If you like the fanny pack but you are still not convinced to wear it on the waist, the most traditional way, bet on wearing it hanging from the shoulder as a bag . It turns out just as fashion . In addition, it is ideal both with looks formal as with outfits for day to day.

On the shoulder without crossing you can carry any fanny pack, or you can opt for one of our shoulder bags .

4. Hand in hand

The handbag is a classic when it comes to combining with cocktail dresses and for special occasions. If you love this accessory but want to incorporate it into your day to day , replace it with a fanny pack and take it by hand. Ideal to combine it with some jeans broken and some stilettos

5. Do not forget to choose the elegant fanny pack

To wear the fanny pack with a lot of style, it is important that you choose elegant fanny packs. The Isabella leopard print fanny pack from Tanngo looks great with Total looks in black or white, for example. And if you like ethnic outfits, so fashionable, bet on the Isabella belt bag with Moroccan print in Ikat silk and cotton velvet.

Now that you know how carry the fanny pack with a lot of style, do not hesitate to get the most cool of the moment.

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