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Núnoo: the bag brand that drives the coolest instagramers crazy

We are talking about Núnoo , a bag and accessories brand founded by two Danish sisters in 2015, who had the innovative idea of ​​designing High quality handbags and accessories at a very affordable price .

The passion of these sisters for fashion and glamour , and the idea of combining luxury with affordability have taken the brand to the top. They have managed to be the first high-quality brand that manufactures accessories at a price accessible to everyone. Also for you!

In its colorful collections you will discover a wide variety of different materials and styles; They are full of original designs that express a modern and casual way of life as well as elegant.

In addition, they have different lines, models and sizes so that you can wear accessories on any occasion. You will find bags in modern styles with striking classic prints, as well as more classic ones made of leather or sports bags for going to the gym.

Núnoo: fashion and recycling in equal parts

Another of the main characteristics of Núnoo that will catch your attention is its concern for the environment. And it is that, all its products are respectful with the planet . They use recycled materials and do not cull animals for the sole purpose of making their pieces. The skins with which they make their bags come from leftovers from the meat industry.

Her main interests, fashion and recycling, perfectly combine new colors, styles and high-quality materials . They bet 100% on the importance of raw materials, and on the use of natural materials with the least possible treatment.

Núnoo also bets on a more sustainable economy and society . She defends gender equality and participates in social projects in places like India, where many people work indiscriminately for other brands.

This fashion brand provides you with countless advantages and innovative features that make it a favorite among Instagram users. So much influencers as cool instagrammers from all over the world go crazy with Núnoo bags . More and more followers of this brand look posed with their Núnoo bags, backpacks or shoulder bags. The truth is that they are "all-rounders" and can cheer up even the looks more boring. There is one for every occasion and they go with everything!

These accessories and complements have a fresh and exclusive style, as well as sustainable . Many of their models have been designed by emerging artists, who create high-quality pieces at very affordable prices without losing class and the highest glamor .

In addition to being all an inspiration for influencers most important internationally , Núnoo bags are a perfect accessory for any outfit , whatever your style of dress. If you still don't have your Núnoo, decide now and try them. You will love them!

The best selling model is the Helena model bag, followed by the Ellie model, the Dandy or the newer model called Palma .

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