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Black Friday. Exclusive discounts on Ferent Bags.

Black Friday at Ferent Bags.

Black Friday is a long-awaited date for shopping lovers, it is the perfect opportunity to buy the garment you fell in love with at the beginning of the season or to renew your wardrobe with the best prices.

What is " Black Friday "?

It is one of the best occasions to invest in fashion and the perfect time to buy Christmas gifts . Despite being an American celebration, the Spanish market has also adapted this tradition. It began to be celebrated from the year 2012 in a few stores, especially in online purchases, and it was from 2015 that this celebration spread throughout the national territory.

Why is Black Friday called Black Friday ?

The term Black Friday originated in Philadelphia, United States , where it was used to describe the heavy traffic of people and vehicles that filled the city streets the day after Thanksgiving . The use of this term began around 1961 among police officers in charge of regulating traffic in the city. On the other hand, some attribute the name to the fact that on this day begins the era in which businesses manage to change the red numbers for black ones.

When is Black Friday in Spain?

Black Friday does not have an assigned date, since it depends on the Thanksgiving celebration in the United States, which is traditionally celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November, so Black Friday is the last Friday of November.

Are the offers real? how long are they?

Do not have any doubt, the offers are real. Discounts on major brands and surfaces are usually 30% off, but each brand sets its own offers.

Black Friday lasts 24 hours , although more and more stores are beginning to apply discounts on their prices several hours or days before, even extending it in some cases. In our country it is very common for big brands to do the whole weekend with discounts. For those who do not arrive on time for Black Friday or cannot find their favorite item of clothing, there is the alternative of Cyber ​​Monday, which takes place the Monday after Black Friday. A date that was born decades later and that was initially reserved solely for online commerce.

Is it worth shopping on Black Friday ? Because?

Without a doubt, yes, and we are going to give you several reasons to make it even clearer.

  1. The most obvious reason: The tempting discounts . During Black Friday you can find the most sought after products of the season at the best price. Most stores apply a 30% discount, so the savings are quite substantial.

  2. It is the best time to find Christmas gifts at the best price. If you are organized you will avoid last minute purchases and you will find the perfect gift for each person.
  3. You will find more variety of products than during the winter sales. Most of the garments are from the current season and therefore you will find more sizes.

How does Black Friday work at Ferent Bags?

At Ferent Bags we transform Black Friday . November is a month full of surprises and offers for our Subscribers . Christmas gifts are brought forward to November, a time of discounts on a selection of the best bags of the Autumn/Winter season. So you already know Subscribe to our Newsletter and discover the best Black Friday offers at Ferent Ferent Bags!

But if you are one of those who do not want to know anything about emails, you have two options:

  1. Pay attention to our Black Friday section and you will find your favorite product with a direct discount.
  2. Stop by our physical store in Barcelona: The Paradise and let our team advise you.

Are the discounts only online or does it include a physical store?

Our discounts are valid both online and in our physical store, we do not like to differentiate between our two worlds. All our discounts, whenever they are, are valid on both sides.

So if you are from Barcelona or you plan to be here, do not hesitate to visit us. We offer a personalized and close service, always trying to help our clients as much as possible.

Some tips and tricks to make the most of Black Friday !

Black Friday is the best opportunity to take advantage of discounts and invest well in fashion trends. So here are our tips for making only good choices on Black Friday.

  1. Avoid public Wi-Fi networks. Always buy from a secure network.
  2. Be wary of offers that can be deceptive.
  3. Buy only on trusted websites.
  4. Set a budget. Discounts are very tempting and it is easy to spend more than necessary.
  5. Soak up the catalogs and websites of your favorite stores, so you will know what to choose.
  6. Find out about the latest trends before buying, it is the best way to know if you will wear your purchase as much as you think.
  7. Make a list with what you need, so it will be easier for you not to be wrong and you will not be influenced by those impulses that run through our body when we see a garment that we fall in love with.
  8. Bet on the basics. An eternal garment that will accompany you for years is the best investment during a Black Friday.
  9. It is time to invest in more expensive clothes. A coat, the boots that will accompany you for years, a good sweater... you will appreciate the discount on this type of product much more.
  10. In the case of being online, fill your shopping cart hours before the start of Black Friday. With this tip you won't waste time looking for your favorites and no one will be able to take them away from you.
  11. It's time to discover new stores or brands that you couldn't afford without a discount.
  12. And last but not least… Enjoy! Finding bargains is always a great pleasure.

At Ferent Bags you will find all the bags you are looking for this Black Friday . Discover our Black Friday now, we are waiting for you.

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