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Artisan bags, made in Ubrique and designed by a Parisian couple who lives in Mexico.



Leather bags made in Barcelona.



“Made in Spain” bags, handmade and with a timeless, unique and quality design.



Bags made from sustainable leathers from Argentina and Italy, certified by the Leatherworking Group.



Vegan brand based in Amsterdam.



Vegan brand inspired by the vibrant streets of Copenhagen.



Brand of colorful and vegan bags from the influencer @sarabace.



Los Angeles-based brand dedicated to creating designer and vegan bags.



Brand responsible for handmade bags made from Spanish materials, founded in Barcelona by the GS sisters.



Colorful rectangular bags Made in Italy



Made in Korea leather bag brand. Inspired by contemporary art, especially modern dance.



Mietis believes that true luxury lies in the traceability and quality of its products, manufacturing its collections with highly qualified Spanish manufacturers.



Danish bag brand based in Copenhagen. Sustainability has become an important part of the brand, and the goal is to be 100% circular by 2030.



Versatile, timeless bags made with materials that are not of animal origin. Made so that they can be combined with various chains.



OSOI is a Korean bag brand designed for women who are focused and sophisticated in their classic and androgynous style.



Brand of Made in Spain leather bags, which stands out for its very different shapes and for playing with colors.



Each item is made locally in Spain, with a strong focus on sourcing materials from nearby artisans and companies.



Dutch brand based in Rotterdam. All bags are made of ikat and all have their own design made of hand-woven silk fabric, making each bag unique.



Luxury bags Made in Spain. The designs are inspired by the mastery of geometry and minimalism.



This brand mixes and reinterprets different aesthetics with the vision of enhancing the harmony of contrasts. Classic, Glam & Underground.



These bags are made with fabrics taken from dead stocks of large Italian productions, partly also by recycling entire second-hand garments using the upcycling technique.



Produced by hand with detail and from the heart of Spain, they combine craftsmanship and innovation, always with an eye toward sustainability.



Estos bolsos rompen con lo aburrido y convencional, siendo artesanales y producidos por una familia colombiana en Medellín.


Ferent Brands

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