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The most top bag brands for this spring-summer 2023

Top Bag Brands

At Ferent bags we have everything from Hailey Bieber's favorite bag to influencer Sara Baceyredo's brand. If you have not yet learned all our brands, this will be your favorite post. Ready to get lost in paradise?


Núnoo bags is a Danish brand based in Copenhagen that designs the most desired bags on TikTok. Núnoo bags are taking off.

The brand's star model is the Helena bag , a small bag with pockets and zippers. The Helena Núnoo are small but spacious, perfect for any occasion. One of their best-sellers was the Helena cool silver bag , Núnoo's silver Helena bag was a big hit this Christmas... but get ready for the new collection that is coming in strong.

In a more classic version we have the wonderful Dandy Braided: Medium handbags but thanks to their removable chain they can be converted into crossbody bags when you need it. Leather bags with a braided design that anyone will fall in love with.

In addition, Núnoo is committed to vegan and recycled bags , sustainability has become an important part of the brand, and the goal is to be 100% circular by 2030.


HVISK is a Danish brand inspired by the vibrant streets of Copenhagen. Committed to sustainability and recycling , their bags are vegan certified. But who said vegan bags are boring? At HVISK you find bags in bright colors , fashionable shapes and modern materials.

Our favorite model is the Arcadia , HVISK's Arcadia bags are medium bags with a unique design. Perfect bags for EVERYTHING. If you are looking for bags for a dinner , bags for traveling , bags for a date, vegan bags ... you have all of this at HVISK.

HVISK vegan bags are looking forward to meeting you.


The Spanish brand that is sweeping Instagram, in the purest style of Paco Rabanne bags , founded by 3 girls under the motto "More than 1 bag".

Bags handmade in Spain from alternative materials to give a twist of originality to any look, they are bags with removable covers and straps , perfect for combining however you want.

A single design with a thousand possibilities, steel bag, methacrylate bags , glitter bags , transparent bags. Mas1 brand bags are customizable bags. You can start with their classic: The CH Acero bag . A steel bag that you will want to use in each of your looks, and then exchange it with the thousand cases that we have at Ferent bags .

Olivia Mareque

This brand has been the latest addition to the bag paradise. This successful Spanish brand has a philosophy: A bag with a thousand combinations .

Olivia Mareque bags are vegan and versatile bags. These vegan bags can be combined with a thousand straps: chains, vegan leather, metal, resin, nylon...

An Olivia Mareque bag is versatile, timeless and made with materials that are not of animal origin. Their models that you will see the most on Instagram are the Olivia and the Pantone: The Olivia bag is a medium bag with a classic shape that you can turn into a unique and fun bag just by adding one more chain. It is a perfect shoulder bag for your daily life, spacious and comfortable. The Pantone bag is a small rectangular bag that you can transform however you want. They are customizable bags that you can combine however you want, so they can be converted from shoulder bags to crossbody bags in no time, just by changing the strap of your choice.

It's Lava

The bags of the Spanish influencer Sara Baceyredo are sweeping all the influencer profiles. This brand of vegan bags designs and produces in Spain, each bag is designed with the love and mind of @sarabace .

They are comfortable bags, crossbody bags that allow you to carry them everywhere. Among their models you can find everything from shiny bags to denim bags , but in this post we present their best sellers.

The Etna bag is the most tagged on Instagram, a vegan bag , comfortable and perfect for any occasion. And if you want to give a shiny touch to your look, you will fall in love with its party bag , the Dubbi bag , a shiny bag with which you will catch everyone's attention. A shiny bag that you will fall in love with.

M ietis

Do you want to know what brand the influencer bags are from? Continue reading.

If we talk about a Spanish brand of excellent quality, we talk about MIETIS. This Catalan brand, expert in fur, is the most desired among those who know fashion. Luxury bags with a unique design that flood the corners of Barcelona. These colorful bags like the Mini Jill or the Tatito have stolen the hearts of all Catalan women.

Gala González and actress Greta Fernández have already fallen in love with Mietis bags. Are you ready to be next?


If we talk about a vegan bag brand we talk about GLYNIT . This Dutch brand is an expert in cutting-edge vegan bags. GLYNIT plays with textures and a wide range of materials to challenge your own perception of creating new styles for the perfect shiny bags .

The Molly bag is a shoulder bag that is its hallmark, patent leather bags in the purest style of the 90s. Colorful bags that fill the streets of Amsterdam and also cruelty free.

What else do you need to know to buy your first GLYNIT bag?


OSOI is a Korean brand of leather bags . OSOI means "slow, patient" in Japanese, and the literal meaning of OSOI integrates well with the brand's mission: to create timeless products that can always remain in fashion.

Korea is one of the countries that values ​​design the most, which is why OSOI bags have an incredibly careful and perfected design, curved, soft shapes, appealing to the eye combined with incredible colors or prints, all accompanied by the best materials.

The half-moon -shaped mini Toni bag is perfect for any woman, a leather bag with a timeless and avant-garde design, with Osoi's patented buckles. Your favorite leather bag.

Marge Sherwood

Marge Sherwood is a unique Korean bag brand, its designs are inspired by contemporary art, especially modern dance.

Her star bag is the black crinkle Hobo Shoulder , even Hailey Bieber has fallen in love with it. A leather bag cut in the purest vintage style that dazzles all those who know fashion. But if you are one of those who loves silver bags, the Hobo Shoulder silver clinke is for you.

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