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How to wear a black leather bag in different looks

Are you looking for a handbag that is trendy, flattering and very practical?

At Ferent Bags we have put together for you a spectacular selection of differential alternatives. Everything fits into your style with these formidable designs.

Shopping bags

Large shopper bags have once again found their place among current trendy accessories. The time has come to recover the maximum format bags that have been a bit shelved in recent seasons . Shopping bags or tote bags remain, incombustible, among the most demanded by today's fashionistas .

Without a doubt, comfort and ergonomics are very important in today's fashion. And almost always, when you carry a bag you want to get the most out of it, especially when shopping. Now, how can you combine these black models? The possibilities are virtually endless.

So, for example, the bag type ones are great when you wear a look with intense colors. If you opt for contrast, red, gold, silver, pastel and gray clothes always work very well with them. Plus, the two-tone black and white formula is great for creating visual impacts. Mix an off-white blazer with a black round-neck t-shirt, a bone skirt that matches the jacket, and black mid-heeled shoes. Your gigantic shopper bag will stand out elegantly.

Another interesting option is the black padded backpack -style tote bag. When you choose this accessory, it is very easy to create a total urban style. Thus, it will look great on you with a beige sweatshirt, brown skirt and tall sports boots with rounded toes. A long anorak, also padded, will complete that unique presence in which the large black bag will not go unnoticed.

If you are looking for an ultra-practical bag for university or work, choose a large one. Make sure the laptop and all your documentation fit on it. Go for multi-pocket designs and, if possible, prefer those that include adjustable straps. You will find it more comfortable to wear them depending on the circumstances. With a light blouse in a pretty tone, for example orange or violet, slim fit jeans and your favorite sneakers, you will look fantastic. Blend aesthetics and functionality with this kind of stunning leather bag!

Waist bags

Did you know that the bag is now worn on the waist? We are not talking about fanny packs , to which we will dedicate a specific section immediately. Creativity is looking for new solutions to facilitate the use of a good handbag. Top designers are already combining, in an unpredictable way, two accessories to create a chic alternative. The leather bag and the belt.

The shoulder bag is very good, but at certain times it can be uncomfortable to carry with both arms at the same time. Therefore, the proposed solution is to attach it to the waist so that carrying it is imperceptible.

They are used, above all, in overlapping sets and with total aesthetic freedom. Especially when it comes to a small black bag, which goes well with everything. A very well structured autumn mix is ​​a red turtleneck sweater, with extra-long sleeves, combined with a pink pleated skirt. Black ankle boots with thin high socks and your belt bag marking your silhouette over the sweater are ideal. It is much more fashionable , this season, than the conventional small leather shoulder bag !

Another way to show them off is with short jackets that end above the waist. Choose this garment with fur, padded or bomber style, to create volume, and wear it over a pretty printed t-shirt. Wide, flowing pants or a long skirt complete that eye-catching look. If possible, opt for multicolor and groundbreaking prints. Then, give discretion to your bag placed on your waist, elliptical and rather flat, and place it on your belly or navel.

Fanny Packs

Fanny packs are like the Guadiana: they disappear for a while, but they don't take long to reappear. This unisex accessory is absolutely timeless and, from time to time, it emerges again as a fashion phenomenon. It is the current case; Its versatility once again prevails in contemporary feminine aesthetics.

On this occasion, its return is connected with the belt bags that we have already talked about. It is even allowed to tie the women's crossbody bag around the waist to create that effect!

Its versatility is maximum. You can incorporate your black fanny pack into any type of outfit . Of course, it has a place in your daily wardrobe. Do you like to leave the house comfortably with light cotton pants, a cool polo shirt and a teenager -style sports jacket? Your black fanny pack is that ideal accessory that allows you to leave your usual handbag or shoulder bag at home. Carry everything you need on your waist, without losing an ounce of inspiration!

On the other hand, forget about associating this accessory only with urban or casual outfits. On the contrary, some of today's black fanny packs are as spectacular as a small bag . Only they are placed on the waist. These are authentic leather jewels, decorated with exclusive details that give them sophistication. Well chosen, you can place them over your long dress with a studied and dazzling naturalness.

To begin with, the black fanny pack is recommended, above all, with dark dresses, if you want to be discreet. As soon as you let go, you will also end up including her in pastel, light and even white outfits. We wouldn't be surprised to soon see a bride with a black fanny pack in her outfit!

Rigid bags

Black also becomes the reference color for party bags . When choosing a clutch for an event, this small black bag is the go-to choice. With an elegant dress, jewelry around the neck, high-heeled shoes and a transparent bullfighter, this rigid bag will look ideal on you.

Another interesting possibility is the rigid hobo. Do you know that his name means wanderer? It comes from its similarity to the bundles that homeless people usually use in the United States. Their rounded shapes provide sophistication and originality, much more so when you choose them to be rigid and very robust. With indigo cropped jeans, a camel trench coat, black leather ankle boots and a matching belt, this clutch looks fabulous.

Among the most striking innovations in current fashion for bags , the presence of bowling is surprising. It has a flat base, a hard cylindrical structure and a pair of small handles. It is a kind of armed bag that, made of black leather , adds a lot of character to your appearance. Mix it with a pink or earthy monochrome cotton set, consisting of an above-the-navel top and bio cotton track pants. Wrap yourself in a matching very long casual trench coat and put on some white sneakers. You will project a fantastic image and you can carry everything you need in this accessory! It is a great alternative to the shopper bag.

A good number of rigid bags like this include studs and metal ornaments as decoration. In our collection you can find different alternatives, for example, the Ellie bag by Núnoo , whose medium size is extremely practical.

Mini bags

Although they are no longer at the forefront of this year's trends, mini bags continue to occupy a prominent place among us. You can opt for them when choosing your next leather crossbody bag, as well as that flirty shoulder bag for the most special occasions.

At Ferent we offer you an attractive variety of these designs. Remember that black is the star color for this accessory. Since mini bags have experienced a time of recent multipresence, if you opt for them, choose them in black.

The main function of these models is decorative. That is why it is so important to combine them very well with the rest of your style. Since chromatic impacts are carried in today's wardrobe, they help you create an elegant contrast between your clothes. Thus, with a long red or moss green dress, it is a great option. Especially if you wear the shoes in the same color as the clothes.

In addition, it remains an impeccable option to accompany your most classic combinations. With a white blazer, gray draped blouse and charcoal pleated pants, the flirty black touch on your mini leather bag is a decisive point.

Designs with handles are as aesthetic as they are informal. So don't deprive yourself if you want to incorporate them into your boho chic , bohemian and romantic outfits. With airy printed dresses, especially floral ones, they become a decisive visual counterpoint. In any case, when it comes to wearing a leather bag, quality is essential. Make sure you make your purchase from a store that offers you excellent products.


Choose design, modernity, quality and extraordinary finishes when buying your leather bags this season. In our online store we only sell top-notch items, made with outstanding materials and the utmost care. In addition, their aesthetics respond to the most trendy and they are supported by prestigious brands. Do you dare to find your next handbag now?

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