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We teach you how to organize your large leather bag

How to organize your large leather bag so you don't lose anything

Ultra-large handbags are a trend and, with them, comes the need to take their organization and cleanliness seriously. It's not enough to bring everything you need, you have to find it quickly!

We present you great tips to improve the functionality of your bags.

Empty and clean your large leather bag daily.

There once was a girl who tried to find her pack of tissues in the XXL bag she always used. Before doing so, he pulled out a ham shoulder, a VHS video player, a paddle racket, and a blacksmith's anvil. What those elements were doing there remains a true mystery for her. But, we all know, bags have absolute magnetism to attract any unexpected object that fits inside.

Jokes aside, large bags end up becoming real storage rooms where we accumulate everything. Thus, in addition to carrying unnecessary weight and hijacking everyday items that could be useful to us, the process of finding what we want is complicated. Fortunately, this paranormal reality has a much simpler solution than it seems. You just need to empty it periodically, better every time you have used it, so that everything is in its place.

This procedure only lasts a few minutes and becomes a productive habit. Without realizing it, you will lighten the weight of the large bag models that you like so much and you will be able to organize your leather bags in an appropriate way . You will immediately notice, and avoid, the presence of a multitude of unnecessary objects. These include old packaging, receipts, tickets, tissues and other similar items that you can throw away immediately.

In addition, you can remove from your large bag everything that needs to be returned to its original place. And, of course, since we are spending time taking care of them, we recommend cleaning your leather bags from time to time. This way they are always spotless, prettier and last much longer!

Good tips for cleaning leather bags

Are you clear how to do it? Don't worry if it doesn't. These practical recommendations greatly facilitate the good condition of your leather bags.

  • Store them in cloth bags : Keep the one included in the most luxurious brand name bags or make it yourself following a tutorial. Alternatively, a box of tissue paper also works.

  • If you are going to keep your bag empty for a long time, fill it with paper : This way, it does not deform. Also make sure to leave it away from light and humidity.

  • Approximately once a month, apply natural wax to the zipper : This will make it work better and more fluidly.

  • Be careful when stacking your handbags, large or small : If you overlap them, they can warp or bend.

In order to clean leather bags, this is the reference procedure:

  • Wipe a dry white cotton cloth over its surface daily , slowly and carefully.

  • If the rain has wet it, dry it a little with a cotton cloth and let it finish drying on its own.

  • If other liquids or substances are spilled, act with diligence. Use absorbent paper as soon as possible and proceed as recommended for each stain.

  • If the stain is on the interior lining, rub it with a sponge with drained soapy water.

  • You can apply a skin regenerator if it loses softness, but choose it without silicones, petroleum or other derivatives.

  • Wet wipes are your allies , always have them on hand just in case.

At Ferent Bags we will give you a hand whenever you need... And we will tell you our little tricks!

Many bags inside your leather bag .

Simple techniques are always the most effective. When it comes to coming up with bag organizing ideas , use cloth bags of different sizes . It's very practical! The main problem with large bags is finding our cell phone, wallet, helmets... Not to mention the keys! Above all, when these leather bags have few interior pockets or compartments, in this case, the objects are distributed randomly inside, forming a disastrous trunk of memories.

You just need to include some fabric bags of different sizes to create your own order within your maxi bag. If you take it seriously, you can use them in different colors and associate a color code with what they incorporate. Thus, for example, cosmetic products in a pink, documents in a black and frequently used objects in a red. Likewise, the sizes and textures will help you locate the utensils in your bag faster, especially in the poorly lit areas. Your keys will always be at hand in that rugged bag that can be identified by touch!

Use a bag organizer.

This alternative is one of those ideas to organize your leather bag that never disappoints. As soon as you add it to yours, you'll wonder how you were able to go without it for so long. There are very different types, typologies, formats and materials. In large bags , its presence makes it as easy as possible to quickly locate any belongings inside. These are some of the most frequent possibilities:

  • Felt organizers: They are rigid, resistant and very beautiful, although they do not adapt well to all models.

  • Canvas organizers: Ideal if you value functionality more than aesthetics. Its flexibility allows it to adapt to any bag, so you can change them.

  • Plastic organizers: When they are transparent, they make it even easier to locate all the items. They are not the most sustainable, of course, but they clean very well and usually last a long time.

  • Nylon organizers: It is another very practical and recommended type.

When choosing an organizer for the inside of handbags, the main thing is to take measurements in advance and make sure it will fit perfectly. In addition, it is advisable to look at the number of pockets - closed and open - that it incorporates, as well as their distribution, closures and sizes. Before purchasing them, it is essential that you visualize how you will use each one. That is, where you will put your cell phone, keys, wallet, documents, paintings, etc. Finally, making sure it is cute and fits well with the style of your large bags and your usual outfits is essential. Being fashionistas means assuming these demands.

Organize things by their usefulness

Organizing your bags well is a matter of attitude and planning.

Order does not arise from chaos, improvisation or chance. Not in your handbags either. So, if you want to carry one impeccable and well-organized, you have to dedicate a little time to achieve it. We have already talked about the importance of emptying and cleaning your large bags frequently. Only then will you be able to get rid of the unnecessary in time!

Furthermore, keeping them impeccable and in a perfect state of cleanliness becomes an additional motivation to maintain order. The same thing happens when you buy quality bags : your love for your leather bag . You just have to enter our collection of Ferent Bags leather bags to discover an extraordinary selection of the best.

Dare to follow our advice: with an organizer or cloth bags inside, everything will be easier for you. A highly recommended practice is to assign a compartment for waste. Wrappers, used wipes, used tissues, etc., will have their own elephant graveyard in it. Consequently, you will facilitate its quick removal and you will find the rest of your things more quickly.

Another essential trick? Avoid bringing food inside . No matter how tempting it may be to carry a sandwich, some chips or some loose sweets, everything will end up getting out of control. If you do, you must always put the food in bags with special closures. Don't even think about forgetting this meal! There are bad odors that are very difficult to remove.

Guidelines for organizing your bags .

Among the best ideas to organize large bags , the following stand out:

  • Use your head: Apply a criterion of usefulness and use when organizing: What you use most frequently, such as your cell phone or keys, leave it close at hand and well located. For example, in the first interior or exterior pocket of the accessory. Designate the background and the furthest part to locate what you don't use often.

  • Bet on continuity: If every time you empty your bag and reorganize it you change your criteria, you will have a hard time finding things . The best thing is to create guidelines and, thus, the searches end up automated. This way, you won't have to think about where you take your notebook, because it's always in the same place. These mechanisms save much more time than you imagine and simplify your existence.

  • Think before making your decisions: It is not about writing a doctoral thesis on where to place each element. However, a little reflection and common sense will make things much easier for you. For example, putting your wallet inside a zippered compartment and closing it will make it more difficult for your friends than others. Placing your cell phone close at hand is also important to find it in time when it rings.

In short, you can organize your handbags and locate everything quickly, more easily than you imagine. You just have to decide to do it, spend some time and apply our advice. This way, your leather bags will not only be chic : they will also be more practical and functional!

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