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colorful bags

The bags that your summer looks need

Discover the elegance and versatility of our colorful bags ! At Ferent bags we have a wide variety of materials, from leather and vegan to natural materials such as cotton. Now, you can express your style and personality with a vibrant touch.

Our colorful bags are perfect to stand out on any occasion. From bold tones, such as intense orange with the Pantone orange by Olivia Mareque or Molly orange by GLYNIT, to soft tones, such as the pastel pink of the Molly true pink bag by Glynit or mint green, with the vegan Jady green bag .

We have options for all tastes.

Each bag is carefully crafted to ensure that every detail is perfectly finished, providing durability, strength and a soft, luxurious feel.

Whether for a special occasion, event, appointment or everyday life like the Jolly Structure glossy rusty orange by HVISK or the Helena Space blue by NUNOO, in a metallic blue.

Our bags adapt to all your needs. Their classic and timeless design makes them pieces that will never go out of style.

Dare to add a touch of color to your looks and stand out from the crowd with our elegant colored bags . Choose the color that best reflects your personality and add a touch of charm and style to your look with our bags in vibrant colors. Express yourself and make your bag the center of attention!


Immerse yourself in serenity and calm with our blue bags . Blue evokes the tranquility of the sea and conveys confidence and stability. People who choose blue are communicative, respected, patient and calm. It combines perfectly with denim and denim clothing . You can match denim with our bags: Hobo brocle denim sky from OSOI, the Posy denim blue from GLYNIT or with the Dandy braided suede jeans from NUNOO. Show off a fresh and relaxed style with a blue bag!


Add a touch of femininity and vitality to your outfits with our pink bags. Pink radiates positivity and sensuality, and is perfect for active, loving and passionate people. Combine different shades of pink for a fun look, combine it with black for a sophisticated touch or dare to combine it with red for a bold and striking style. Let your feminine side shine with a pink bag!


If you are looking for a dose of energy and freshness, our yellow bags are the perfect choice. Yellow evokes the warmth of the sun and is synonymous with vitality and positivity. People who choose yellow are usually bright, energetic and self-confident. Pair it with white and neutral tones for a bright look, with jeans for a casual look or with black for a striking contrast. Shine with a yellow bag in your hands!


If you long for calm and connection with nature, our green bags are the ideal choice. Green conveys calm and relaxation, and is perfect for sincere, serene and natural people with class. Combine it with pure whites for a fresh and elegant style, play with different shades of green for a harmonious look or dare to create an all-denim outfit. Let yourself be enveloped by the serenity of green with a bag that reflects your authentic style!

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